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Brides top 10 fears

The planning, the signing of contracts, the long talks, the decisions, the details and the big things – it’s all done. But still, you have fears. You and every other bride. After scouring the internet, I have documented the top 10 fears that brides have regarding their wedding day. According to several mainstream wedding outlets, these are the most common. These are in no particular order but – see if any of these things are keeping you up at night…

I will also discuss solving some of these fears or at least managing them, so you get that beauty rest you need to look your best on your big day.

Here we go:

1. Not fitting into the dress

Prevention is the best medicine – your final fitting should be as close to the wedding as possible. This should definitely alleviate any last-minute worries about the dress fitting properly.

2. No guests arrive for the wedding

Gentle reminders of the big day is perfectly acceptable. An email or a reminder note outlining some of the details of the day, including the address and time will assist your guests. Remember, you invited them because you love them, and they love you. Although a few might be no-shows, most wouldn’t miss it for the world.

3. Being left at the alter

Before the wedding, think long and hard about your upcoming lives together. If that thought makes you happy then think about all the wonderful things you have to look forward to and how everything is going to go perfectly on your wedding day.

4. Having a bad hair day

This is a common fear but have no fear. You can do a practice run with your stylist before the wedding and achieve the look you want so it goes super smooth on your big day. Also, another note, if you wake up with circles under our eyes or a new zit – your makeup artist can easily handle it.

5. Misbehaving guests

This is another common fear and alcohol often plays a role. You fear someone will get sloshed and be overly dramatic, or belligerent, or loud, or aggressive. Although you can’t control how much a person drinks, you can designate a point person and they can deal with a person who is misbehaving by removing them quickly so the wedding festivities can continue.

6. Bad Weather

You can’t control the weather but…you can plan. Check the weather reports for your wedding day and if there is a chance of rain or snow check with the venue for an indoor “plan B.” Although inclement weather may impede some of the outdoor images you were wanting, an indoor wedding can often be quite intimate and very special. Many photographers will shoot some images in light rain – if that is something you really want. And, photographers will have the proper lighting for indoor portraits too. Don’t worry, you got this.

7. Not liking the photographs

You want your images to be stunning – just like you on your wedding day. You have hired a professional who is prepared for any problem that might arise and will make you look your best. A good photographer will take several images of each shot ensuring a perfect picture. Don’t be shy, you can always ask to see the digital image before moving on the next pose and you can have a pre made shot list to follow so nothing is missed.

8. Vendors not showing up

If you hired a friend to do the job for free, well all bets are off. But, if you have hired professionals, signed contracts, you are likely going to be fine. Talking to your vendors a few days prior to the wedding is a great way to squash last minute fears.

9. No one will dance

Another common fear but all the more reason to hire an awesome DJ or band. Music is super powerful and it’s tough to just sit when the right tune is playing. You can offer the DJ a song list of music you know many of your guests would like.

10. I’ll embarrass myself

This is also a common fear. Instead of envisioning tripping as you walk down the isle, or messing up your vows – think of how amazing you are going to look and how gracefully and elegantly you will move in your dress. You See your soon to be partner smiling at you and your guests gazing at you as you glide to the alter. You say your vows to each other and become husband and wife. It will happen just like that because you’ve already seen yourself do it. And, if by chance there's a goof it can make for an adorable photo. Nice.



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