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Easy posing tips for big impact on your wedding day

OMG! The photographer is going to be here soon and I have no idea what to do? How do I stand? Where do I put my hands? Should I smile? Be serious? HELP!!

You are not alone. These questions are always coming up and I am here to assist you in the process. By knowing a few basic things, you can create an awesome photographic experience that will help get you through the entire wedding with images to love forever.

The beauty of these posing tips is their simplicity but make no mistake – they will definitely give you the wow factor you want out of your images. Not only that, but you will impress the heck out of your photographer and make his/her job a lot easier too. And finally, these tips are guidelines and not set in stone. Depending on the look, time of day, body types and so on these techniques can be modified and even broken to get the look. So, without further delay, let’s begin.


1. How to stand: Try to stand at an angle and not face the camera directly. This will slim you down and create interest. Also, stand tall. Show off those beautiful shoulders.

2. Where to stand: There are lots of options here. Bride behind groom, groom behind bride, close together, holding hands further apart. The idea is to create lines and show joy and even intimacy. Practice some poses and you and your photographer can tweak positioning at the time of the shoot.

3. Hugging: Yes, this is a lot of fun and adds romance to the images. Face to face, groom hugging from behind and even bride hugging one arm of her groom and both gazing into each other’s adoring eyes. Nice.


Ah, doesn’t it feel good to get off your feet? Yes, sitting poses allow for a break and a new look.

1. Create angles: Again, try to sit at an angle to the camera.

2. Create intimacy: Leaning your head on your groom’s shoulder, your groom kissing your neck as you gaze off camera or just sitting looking at each other holding hands can be wonderful looks.

3. Get on the ground: If you don’t mind something a bit more adventurous you can both sit on the ground and facing each other and give a little kiss. Or, you can lay down with your heads next to each other and close your eyes for a very intimate look.

4. Lean in: Have your groom sit sideways on a bench and you cuddle up to him and lean back into him.

Hands and Arms

This is the most asked question. Where do I place my hands?

Let’s check it out.

1. Try not to point: When placing your hands on your groom’s shirt or jacket try not to “point” with one finger. Instead, use your whole hand and keep your fingers together or flip your hand so the back of your hand is resting on him while relaxing your fingers.

2. When posing with your arms, try to create space between your arm and your body. This creates and angle (very flattering) and prevents “the squish” look.

3. When posing with your groom both sets of arms should try to meet up. Wrapping his arms around you from behind and you holding his hands, holding hands facing each other etc.. These lines are very pleasant to see in images.

4. A different option is the open “V” pose. Facing the camera and standing side by side holding hands creates great lines. The bride can hold the bouquet with her other hand and the groom can either place his hand in his pocket or add a playful look by giving an “ok” sign.

More Tips

1. Have fun: Yes, this is supposed to be fun. The less “posed” you look the more relaxed you will be and the images will reflect that. Spontaneity is another great way to capture an awesome shot. Dancing, giggling, running and hugging are always winners.

2. Don’t forget to look away from the camera: It’s natural to look at the camera for the photos but often a far-off gaze can be amazing.

3. Breathe: Yes, it can be a bit nerve racking being in front of the camera and often times you might forget to breathe. But, by taking that deep breath your shoulders relax, your jaw will relax and you will look perfect for that closeup.

I hope these tips help you get the most out of your wedding images. It’s all good and there’s plenty of time and opportunities throughout the event to get amazing shots. See you at the wedding!



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