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Getting Married? Ready, Set, Go!

It happened. You fell in love and now you are getting married. Woohoo! Now what do you do? Well, first – don’t panic. We’ll save that for later (just kidding). There are literally endless ways to plan a wedding but there are some commonalities that run throughout the process. I will share some of my insights with you and hopefully this will help guide you as you begin your planning journey.

1. Get organized! Get a binder/folder with tabs for each segment of the planning process. What usually contributes most to an amazing guest experience is a well-organized event. Getting fed on time, knowing where to sit, being able to find the venue all help with the experience for your guests. So even though they are time consuming, you’ll want to make sure to do your due diligence and create a timeline, packing lists, and assign someone to be your point person for the day-of. Make copies of everything too, just in case something is misplaced.

2. Your Website. Have fun putting it together but remember to include your registry information and your RSVP info.

3. Think baby steps. Plan, make decisions, invitations, website, venue, photographer, video, etc... it can be incredibly overwhelming. Go slow and do things in small chunks. Sometimes looking at the big picture just gets too overwhelming. Pick and choose the things you want to work on and in time it will all get done.

4. DIY vs All Inclusive. All-inclusive venues sometimes get a bad rap. Often times they offer better value because they check a lot of boxes:(catering, decorations, tables, chairs etc…) However, if you enjoy party planning or “have to have” a certain look or vibe to your wedding than the DIY route is probably your best option.

5. Making a Statement. Most brides want their guests to remember their wedding. But sadly, most guests won’t notice those tiny details you worked so hard to create. Instead, make one bold statement. Some brides sing to their grooms, tons of twinkling lights at the reception, a smoke machine for the dance floor, sparklers for the big exit etc.. Guests will remember that much more than all the small details. Bonus; all those things look great in your wedding photos too!!

6. Marriage License. It doesn’t matter if it’s a destination wedding, or a local event check the location’s rules for obtaining your marriage license. Some things to consider: 1. Is there a waiting period? 2. What documents do you need? 3. Are there any fees?

7. Budget. Yes, it’s a dirty word but an important one. It’s super easy to over extend when planning a wedding. Pick a budget and stick to it! Prioritize. Plan. Decide. The more you do your homework the less chance you have of going over budget.

8. Decide on a time frame. Do you want a June wedding, a fall wedding, summer? spring? This decision my impact things like location, decorations, time of day etc..

9. Two heads are better than one. Don’t forget your fiancé. This is a great opportunity to get ideas, discuss arrangements, finances, and guests. You are not in this alone. Have fun with it.

10. Read Every Contract. This is really important. Check payment and cancellation policies check all details, and make sure dates and times are correct.

There are tons of other things to consider when planning your wedding, but these are a very good start. Enjoy the process and try not to stress too much. There will be many fires to put out but it’s part of the joys of the process. In the end, it’s going to be amazing. I promise.



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